Longevity planning,

Basis helps you build your personalized wellness & longevity routine, supported by evidence-based protocols, human & AI coaching, and a vetted marketplace of evidence-based solutions.

90% of disease is preventable and related to things you can measure & control. We're on a mission to equip you with the tools to be in control of your health.

Lab tests

Unify your health data

All your health data in one single, private place so that you can track and visualize everything together.

Always know where you stand across all your longevity benchmarks.

Visualize all the things that affect your health, as they happen in your day.

Build your personal health action plan

Discover your personalized health protocol in just a few clicks.

Andrew Huberman
Peter Attia
Bryan Johnson

Build your personal longevity protocol

Sleep Protocol

Implement Dr. Andrew Huberman’s complete sleep protocol - personalized to you.

Orde supplement stacks for sleep, longevity & overall health.

Access vetted health tracking products, and track natively in Basis.

Seamlessly connect your data to your plan.

Autocomplete habits with synced events from your wearable or other data source.
Track your progress against health agency or expert established benchmarks.
Track daily, weekly & monthly adherence to protocols.

Stick to your plan with the support of AI, smart planning & protocol coaches.

AI Coaching

Get insights & recommendations on your plan around your personalized baselines.

Protocol coaching

Stick to your protocols with the help of a Basis coach.

Hi George,

For your next training, I suggest HIIT.

Done correctly, high-intensity interval training is one of the most efficient forms of exercise. Here’s how to do it.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Calendar planning

Automatically build habits in your day & around your schedule.

A treasure trove of native health tracking capabilities


Red light therapy
IV therapy
+ 84 more

Timer-based activities

Fast tracking
+ 53 more

Event tags



Supplements (10k+)
Exercises (600+)

And last but not least — a privacy-first policy

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