A Step By Step Guide To Keeping You(r Tamagotchi) Alive

Raising a happy and healthy Tamagotchi demands a significant amount of hard work and determination - just like our own health does.

Few things were as popular as Tamagotchis when they first arrived in the late '90s. They offered kids a chance to raise their own digital pet - a great alternative for the ones whose parents didn't allow real pets. Tamagotchis influencer gaming and virtual reality in many ways, from Call of Duty having a Tamagotchi like in-game accessory to the Dreamcast's VMU featuring Tamagotchi style games. But they were also great for training you how to keep a human alive too! Keeping a virtual pet alive was rewarding but not without its challenges. And yet many of the Tamagotchi tips work just as well to ensure you get a long and happy life.

Understand Your Needs

What does good nutrition mean to you? What time of exercise activities are a good fit to your needs? How much playtime do you require to keep yourself mentally healthy? These are all important questions when it comes to keeping a healthy lifestyle and ones that your best served to find out the answers to before beginning on your health journey.

Lifestyle related diseases are the number one cause of death in the developed world, but in most cases it can be easily avoided with the right habits in place. And although a lack of playtime is rarely fatal, it can seriously impact your mental health and is every bit as important as good nutrition and staying active.

Check Your Batteries

Your energy wanes throughout the day, week and month. There's nothing more devastating than setting on a path to build a healthy lifestyle, only to realize that you don't have the energy to follow through with any of the things you planned on doing. You can keep track of your own batteries, through your circadian rhythm, your body's map to guide your activities throughout the day

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Draw Up A Schedule

Staying healthy is a commitment. The sooner you build healthy habits into your daily schedule, the better.

Things like school and work need to be taken into account, as do vacations and family events. There's nothing worse than building a routine to support your healthy habits only to realize that you have to keep breaking that routine to fit in your actual day to day into it.

Don't Overdo It On Treats

Much like with dogs and pets, treating yourself is a great way to stay energized and happy. As always though, it's possible to have too much of a good thing.

As well as the obvious health issues that overindulging can lead to, eating too many snacks or overindulging in play time can seriously cheapen the joy you get out of having the occassional treat. A 'treat' should be just that — something nice that happens occasionally to reward good behavior. When given too frequently, it no longer serves this purpose and can become something that's expected all the time.

Make Time For Social Time

Making the right choices for nutrition, exercise, sleep and everything else that goes into managing your health can take up a lot of time out of your day - and a lot of time spent on activities that are solitary in nature. But social interaction is healthy as well - whether to make health habits less dull, or to mix play in your life. Keeping oneself motivated throughout your life can at times be difficult, but a healthy portion of playtime can help to keep enthusiasm high.

Celebrate Every Milestone

Make sure to take time to celebrate the happy times in your life and create as many memories as possible!

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