Introducing Health Planning on Autopilot

Automatically schedule your health habits at the best time each day and remove the friction of health planning from your daily life.

In this article:

Our busy schedules make it mentally taxing to maintaining healthy habits. With the new Autopilot feature, Basis automatically creates your optimal day using your wearable, calendar and phone motion data.

Let’s see how the Autopilot feature works!

Set your health habits on Autopilot. 

Let Basis take over the tedious task of health planning by automatically finding the right time to work out, eat and do deep work; or even schedule some down time after a busy day. By integrating your calendars and setting your time preferences, you are in control of how Autopilot optimizes your daily health planning. 

Sync your internal clock.

Basis uses your sleep and activity data to continuously interpret your internal clock (circadian rhythm) and help you better plan your day around your optimal energy and sleep windows.

Discover the perfect day.

Autopilot automatically adjusts to variation in your day to create a system that is always there for you. This includes last-minute work events, bad sleep or a missed workout. Over time, you can discover your ideal habits and reach your optimal health & performance.

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