Introducing Basis

The first biowearable system to provide real-time health monitoring and feedback.

Basis lets you track and improve your health powered by biosensors and wearables that feed data to the Basis app. This health ecosystem generates a steady stream of continuous health data. Basis serves as your personal health tracker and personal health record. More importantly, Basis speaks to you in terms of your individual and unique biology. Basis tells you how your body reacts to your lifestyle - stress, food, sleep, work, and exercise. 

We aim to evolve Basis into an autonomous health monitoring system - personalized to your unique needs. Always there, advising you on how to prevent disease and alerting you of health emergencies. 

Why is monitoring health important?

Continuous health tracking is the next major leap we can take as a species to extend lifespan. Annual checkups and periodic blood tests are not going to help us prevent disease. The current standard health protocol is optimized to treat - not prevent. But the goal should be disease prevention, not disease treatment. Take cardiovascular disease as an example. According to Harvard, the estimated value of heart disease prevention in the US should be in the mid-five figures. That's because the average cost of a heart procedure runs at $85,000. But the value should be much higher. Take into account, for example, the diminished quality of life and ongoing risk for a follow-up procedure. Wouldn't it be much cheaper and easier to prevent heart disease altogether? Research suggests that 70% of all heart disease could be preventable if people addressed their underlying risk factors.

"The positive thing about heart disease is that there are lots of things you can do on your own to reduce your risk substantially," Dr. Jason Wasfy, Cardiologist, Director of Quality and Analytics at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. 

The domino effect of disease 

When we talk about health, the conversation typically centers around one health condition at a time. Unfortunately, things are much more complicated than that. Either as a byproduct of medication side-effects, activity limitations, or reduction in one's quality of life, it seems almost pre-destined that one health issue will lead to more health problems sooner or later. Before you know it, you're planning your life around health limitations. Most people have come to expect living with some form of disease as a natural part of life after 50. 

For any human, preventing disease is the difference between feeling good or not. It's the make or break difference between living carefree or with constant health anxiety; feeling young or old; feeling energized or tired. Health lies in a fragile balance of daily choices and preventive actions. And the same is true of the health of your loved ones - parents, siblings, children. 

The stakes are pretty high - right?

But managing one's health without real-time visibility is almost impossible. 

Our mission

We're working to solve a massive global problem. 90% of disease is preventable and related to things we can measure and control. We want to empower people with the health data they need to increase their healthspan. In a study conducted by our team, we found that over half of US deaths in 2019 were due to metabolic, cardiovascular, or digestive disease. These diseases are at the heart of the preventable issues we are attempting to tackle through real-time health data with Basis. 

Your future health is not a roll of the dice. You are not a passive observer of your health. 

We see far too many people live with a ceiling on their life, dictated by assumptions of their future health. We want to rewire how you think about your health and empower you with the data to prevent metabolic, cardiovascular & digestive disease. We want to make preventable disease a thing of the past. 

We want to empower you to own your health.

Looking for more control over your health?

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