Dev Diary #1

Happy May Basis crew!

Welcome to the first installment of our Dev Diary. 

Thanks to your feedback, we now know which features excite you the most, and which features you still want to see. We're going to be doubling down on improving the product in the coming months. We're also cooking up some cool initiatives for the Basis Early Access community to enjoy as a thank you for your early support.

Keeping you posted on product updates is a priority of ours and so moving forward, as we make changes to the product, we'll regularly send out roundups covering what's new.

This week, we've got some much requested features and improvements that we think will make your experience with Basis even more exciting.

Introducing Expanded Insights

We’ve run over 200 video interviews and received email feedback from others within the community. You’ve been asking for more insights to understand what your data means and the relationship between your data. We agree. 

Basis is the only product out there that tracks your glucose, activity, sleep and mood - the most important factors that we can measure and control that influence your health. So it makes sense that you would want the app to make it easier to understand how one influences the other.  

Starting with Build 37, you’ll start seeing contributing factors such as this:

Summary Insights

at the bottom of your Meal, Sleep and Activity Insights. 

We’ve also introduced expanded insights into your Glucose, Heart rate, HRV and Glucose Stability. You can now expand that data and see your progress over time. 

This is Version 1 (of many) of this particular feature and as always, we’ll be relying on your feedback to make this feature better for the entire Basis community. 


  • Daily Recommendations: Let Basis plan out your day for you. Discover your peak focus and workout time and regulate your meal and sleep times to optimize your overall health and performance. 

  • Trends: As we expand the possibilities of precision health and continuous, real-time monitoring, we also want to help you keep an eye on the bigger picture. Enter Trends where you’ll be able to understand the relationship between your nutrition, fitness, sleep and mood collectively and as larger trends. 

Until next time,

The Basis team