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Black Friday Health Optimization Deals

A list with the best healthtech wearables deals and more.

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Invest in your health—or the health of loved ones, with the best deals of the year on the smartest health tech devices to help you track & optimize your whole body health (nutrition, fitness, hydration, sleep and brain health) alongside Basis (we integrate with many of these!)

Smart wearables:

Wearables are the most important health tracking tool in your arsenal and can automatically and continuously track your steps, heart rate, sleep, HRV and more. If you don't already have one or are looking to upgrade your existing one, there are several great Black Friday deals available this week, from manufacturers like Apple, Garmin, Oura, Fitbit and Samsung.


The Oura Ring Generation 3 is more ambitious than before - Protocol — The  people, power and politics of tech
Oura ring 3rd Generation

The Oura ring Black Friday sales will start Thursday at 5 PM EST. Check Oura's official website to see what the deal will be.


Fitbit wearable line

  1. Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch: $60 off - $119.99 +$30 Kohl’s Cash at Kohl’s
  2. Fitbit Luxe Fitness & Wellness Tracker: $50 off - $99.99 + $30 Kohl’s Cash at Kohl’s
  3. Fitbit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker: $40 off - $59.99 + $15 Kohl’s Cash at Kohl’s
  4. Fitbit Charge 5 Health and Fitness Tracker: $50 off - $129.99 + $30 Kohl’s Cash at Kohl’s
  5. Fitbit Versa 3 Health and Fitness Smartwatch: $50 off - $179.99 + $45 Kohl’s Cash at Kohl’s


Apple Watch
  1. Apple Watch 5 (44mm/Cellular) is $290 OFF at Amazon  
  2. Apple Watch SE (40mm/GPS) is $60 OFF at Amazon
  3. Apple Watch 6 (40mm/GPS) is $50 OFF at Amazon
  4. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) is $30 OFF at Best Buy
  5. Apple Watch 7 (41mm/GPS) is $19 OFF at Amazon


Garmin Smartwatches

$80 OFF on Garmin Instinct Smartwatch at BestBuy


Samsung Galaxy Watch

  1. Galaxy Watch4 is $50 OFF on Samsung's official site.
  2. Galaxy Watch3 is $220 OFF at BestBuy

Home Fitness:

The Mirror:

The Mirror Home Gym

Take $500 off The Mirror package plus free delivery ($750 value) for their best price of the year through 11/29.


Tempo Studio

Get a $500 discount on the Tempo Studio Starter Package with the promo code SAVEBIG.


Peloton Bike+

Get $300 OFF on the Peloton Bike+ in a rare Black Friday sale from Peloton.


Tonal Home Gym

Through Cyber Monday on November 29, you can save $250 on the Tonal machine, bringing the normal $2,995 price down to $2,745.


Most sleep tracking works through wearables that monitor your body movements and heart rate to determine how much time you probably spent awake versus asleep. Here are some of the best non-wearable sleep tracking options if you don't like using wearables during sleep.

Eight Sleep:

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover

The Pod & The Cover by Eight Sleep: $200 OFF the Pod Pro Cover, $500 OFF the Pod Pro Mattress.


Muse S (Gen 2)

Muse S (Gen 2) is $80 OFF through Cyber Monday.


Health tracking doesn't stop at wearables, sleep and fitness trackers. Connected health devices run the gamut from Bluetooth-enabled scales, to continuous glucose monitors and pulse oximeters. They provide health measures and transmit them back to health apps like Basis. Here are some of those best 2021 Black Friday deals.


Hidrate Spark Pro Stainless Steel

Save 30% on HidrateSpark PRO Stainless Steel and Hidrate Spark 3 water tracking bottles.


Withings Big Health Bundle

Save $150 OFF the Withings Big Health Bundle that includes:

  • A body composition smart scale.
  • An advanced under-mattress sleep tracking mat.
  • A clinically validated smart blood pressure monitor.
  • An accurate, hygienic smart temporal thermometer.


4 mins read
Black Friday Health Optimization Deals

A list with the best healthtech wearables deals and more.